NNG Enerji aims to develop innovative solutions in its product and processes, train its employees and use improvement tools continuously, and create a safe workplace for all human resources within the business boundaries by using a proactive and simple occupational safety approach.

It ensures the provision of sufficient information, experts, and economic resources to periodically review and achieve goals and targets. In its processes, it accepts compliance with all legal and other requirements, and ISO 9001, ISO 14001, ISO 45001, and ISO 10002 standards as primary requirements. It develops its employees with a people-oriented approach and adopts the company culture that considers quality awareness and questioning perspective in every activity. It provides continuous development with the aim of competitiveness so that the standards in the entire value chain are world standards.

With all the partners, ıt accomplishes social responsibility requirements and performs service delivery in a way that supports sustainable resource use.

While performing our services, by minimizing the environmental effects (liquid, gas, and solid wastes) that will negatively affect the environment and people also, by reducing global resource consumption, such as water and electricity, following and benefiting technology to continuously improve and develop our environmental performance, and dispose of our wastes in accordance with the legislation. It aims to provide training to all parties (employees, contractors, visitors, etc.) that make up the management system in order to increase the amount of waste and waste recycling and to establish environmental awareness.

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